What is Flipkart Fulfilment?


At Flipkart, we help you have maximum returns with minimum investment. That’s why the Flipkart Fulfilment service offers you the use of our state-of-the-art fulfilment centres at very low costs. You store your products in our fulfilment centres where we take utmost care of your inventory So, get more business with less investment


What does Flipkart Fulfilment offer?

  • Fulfilment centre space
  • Faster delivery of your products
  • Quality check of your products by our experts
  • Packaging that will delight your customers
  • Benefits of Flipkart Fulfilment:
  • Seamless order processing
  • Rigorous quality checks
  • Quality packaging materials
  • Flipkart Assured badge
  • Inventory placed across multiple Fulfilment centers

The Flipkart Assured badge is awarded to people who sign up for Flipkart Fulfilment and sell high quality products. To get this badge, a seller must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Customer returns below a benchmark
  • The listing should be Flipkart Fulfilment or Smart Fulfilment
  • A product should enjoy a high rating above the benchmark.
  • If you get the Flipkart Assured badge, then Flipkart applies the delivery charges.
  • If you lose the Flipkart Assured badge, then you can set delivery charges based on your costs.

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