What is an Amazon Brand Store?


Amazon Brand Store is a content feature for vendors and sellers that lets you create your own branded online store on Amazon and showcase a collection of your products.

It provides a great shopping experience for buyers thanks to its brand-centric appearance.

Why Create an Amazon Brand Store?


What makes it crucial for having an Amazon Brand Store for your business is brand presence. You get to maintain your brand reputation on the world’s most popular marketplace.

A stronger brand identity gives you more visibility which further helps you dominate your niche in a competitive market.

Benefits of Having an Amazon Brand Store for Businesses


There are plenty of advantages to having an Amazon Brand Store and will add plenty of value to your business.

Here are some

It helps you come across as a genuine brand

  • When you showcase your products on your Amazon Brand Store, people are more likely to see you as a genuine brand rather than some reseller selling cheap products.
  • This adds to your credibility and helps you make more sales in the long run.

It helps find multiple products on the same page

  • Amazon Brand Store is great if you have a variety of products to sell.
  • It helps you organize all your products in one place and gives a seamless shopping experience to your customers. Selling footwear, apparel, or tech gadgets? Just set up a store and display all your products.
  • You also have a great chance of making more sales as customers can buy multiple products straight from one place.

It helps you uptick your organic rankings on Amazon

  • Brand Store pages don’t just bring some good traffic and sales but they also help you rank organically on Amazon.
  • If you have a Brand Store for your Amazon business then you can boost your rankings in search results and outperform your competitors.

Helps you market new products to already existing customers

  • This is an added benefit that you get when you build a Brand Store on Amazon.
  • Not only you are able to market products to new customers but also pre-existing ones.
  • You can share your Brand Store on social media and let your followers know about the latest products.

Allows a smoother mobile shopping experience

  • Did you know that your Brand Store can be optimized for mobile devices
  • This makes it easier for shoppers to buy your products straight from their phones.
  • Thanks to enhanced responsive design your products look as beautiful as they would on a desktop screen.

It can be used as a landing page on Amazon

  • Instead of creating a separate landing page for your products, you can also use your Brand Store as a dedicated landing page on Amazon.
  • You can use Sponsored Brand ads to redirect your customers to your Brand Store and let them shop your exclusive range of products straight from your store.

Amazon Brand Page Templates

There are three unique templates that vary depending on the products you sell.

1. The Marquee is best for brands with a wide variety of products. It allows you to feature categories and be more specific about the details. See the example below.


2. The Showcase provides lots of space for imagery and product detail photos.


3. The Product Grid is the most simple layout that allows you to show a wide range of products, display prices, and give the option to share your store in social media.


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