What Is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ content refers to a listing’s product description of brand owners which allows them to tell their brand story with enhanced image and video content.

  • Comparison charts of competitors
  • High-quality images
  • HD videos
  • A+ content is a premium content feature, which allows sellers to change the product description of their branded ASINs by using rich texts, videos, and images.

    The idea behind using enriched multimedia content is to enhance the user experience which drives high conversions and huge traffic to the listings

    In short, it is going a step beyond the usual content that sellers usually create, just to ensure that a potential buyer understands the product features more effectively and gets a sophisticated online shopping experience.

Benefits Of A+ Content

  • In order to succeed in Amazon selling a business, you have to take a competitive edge. This is where A+ content plays a huge role.
  • The main aim of A+ content is to increase your conversion rate and boost your product sales. It gives an edge to persuade your customers into buying your product by providing a better understanding.
  • It gives sellers an extraordinary chance to distinguish their items from related versions sold by their competitors. Earlier, sellers experienced a big challenge for differentiation because the guidelines from Amazon were limited.
  • Earlier, sellers experienced a big challenge for differentiation because the guidelines from Amazon were limited.
  • Just a single, small paragraph did not afford an opportunity to grab the buyers’ attention or convert them. Additionally, there were formatting restrictions, making it extremely hard for sellers to actually show that they have gone an extra mile with their product presentation – a factor that most potential shoppers regard as a high value.
  • So, here are some advantages to help you understand why A+ content is important.

Grabs a shopper’s attention

Amazon’s A+ content grabs the attention of potential buyers simply because they are most of the time used to looking at product listings that are cluttered or filled with chunks of paragraphs or text blocks that they no longer have the intention to buy. However, with A+ content, the case is different. Since it features large HD images, a video explaining the product’s usage, and other formatted text that the listing appears enticing enough to grab his/her attention to buy.

Pleases the eye and easier to skim

With a messier and cluttered look, there is a risk of losing a potential buyer and that’s exactly what happens with most of the listings. They are informative, or the elements aren’t rightly placed. Since a seller is no longer restricted to bulky, big text blocks, it is easier for a buyer to skim the information that he or she is searching for.

Brings your product to the limelight

One of the best benefits of A+ content is that you can display big, eye-catching images of your product. This gives a huge opportunity to highlight every benefit and feature of the product that you sell. A shopper can get a comprehensive look at your product prior to making a purchase, and thus, enabling them to click the “buy” button with trust as well as confidence.

Helps convert better

Amazon itself states that product listings with A+ content tend to have 10% more sales. With the A+ feature, the content converts better, the product branding is higher, and the customer buying experience is phenomenal. Appealing images complemented with good content pushes on-the-fence buyers into making a purchase, thereby leading to an increase in ROAS(Return on Advertising Spend) and reduction in ACoS.

Fight Counterfeit

A+ content makes you stand out by building your reputation and recognition. Customer knowledge of your brand shields your product from counterfeit as your buyers know that you’re the rightful owner of the product.

Better Reviews and Reduced Return Rate

Customers want to gather as much information as possible before purchasing a product. A+ content accelerates their purchasing process by giving a better understanding of the product. As customers know more about your product, you can expect fewer returns after the purchase. Also, customers who are satisfied with your product tend to leave a positive review on Amazon. Know that these features can’t be overemphasized in their potential. A seller who understands and knows the right way to leverage them correctly will enjoy its advantages when compared to others.

Amazon A+ Content Guidelines

Here are a few things to make a note of when it comes to A+ content
  • A+ content doesn’t do anything with your page ranking as A+ content is not indexed on Amazon.
  • With the recent update, Amazon A+ content manager will allow you to see a preview of both your desktop and mobile version on the same screen.
  • You will have to pay more for creating an A+ enhanced content for items, which are already listed by other vendors.
  • You should submit your A+ content within 1 month after confirming your purchase to qualify for the promotion.
  • Once the page goes live, any change or modification is allowed only in the first 2 business days of publishing.
  • You are not allowed to mention your competitors or the products that they sell on your pages.
  • The content that you submit (both text and images) should be unique.
  • Amazon has all the rights to take down your A+ page any time. But most of the time, happens only when a vendor chooses to close his or her account, fails to fulfill the orders on time, or violates the Amazon’s terms & conditions.

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