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An e-commerce website to “an online marketplace where goods and services are purchased” which gives a good description of what this kind of web sites serves as. The basic design of an e-commerce website does not differ that much from the way you design websites in general since the layout of most web pages consists of the same kind of building blocks.

A website needs to have a purpose when it is developed; this means that the company behind the site need to have an idea of why they need a website; is it to reach more consumers, to share information or to sell goods? Regardless, the developer of the website needs to keep this in mind to make sure that the site can solve the website

According to the fast-changing business environment nowadays, we have to be more effective and faster in responding to customers' needs to make them able to access products instantly. This can be done by designing an E-commerce web website for unused goods, which sells various fashions and goods to the customers.

The customer needs to fill some fields to order a specific product. The purpose of this paper is designing and implementation of the website of unused goods, which sells various fashions and goods to the customers, the good that will be for sale on the website are new unused goods which the customer couldn’t return to the store they buy from to any reason.

Our team displays the best of their creativity while developing the website design. We ensure to design the website in a way to enhances the user experience.


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